Photo hunting

Published on  February 28th, 2018

WajahAsia photographers or members would regularly organize a special photo session The subject will be determine in consultation with the local photographers. Safety, photo gallery, location, clothing, makeup, model and photographer is entirely the responsibility wood bility of all participants.

Asian Photographers on the road 1

Asian Photographers on the road 1   Asian Photographers on the road 1

Bandung Miss Assia in red Even she has already her photo gallery
at http://wajah.asia/index.php?id=free_subjects,
Miss Assia is back in the picture. Now she shows her gallery visitor a kind of rebellious poses in red lingerie.
Bandung Miss Assia in red Bandung Miss Assia in red
Managing Director

Miss Gendhuk Riri
Our Miss Gendhuk Riri is a real photo model
citizen from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. She posed a few hours with
great passion for our WajahAsia photographer.
Because of rain season this photo shoot was done at the in-
and (covered) outdoor corridors in the beautifull Winotosastro
Garden Hotel in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
Miss Gendhuk Riri   Miss Gendhuk Riri
Miss Gendhuk Riri is born in 1990.
Now she works for the local TV and radio.

Managing Director

Miss Gendhuk Riri (nickname)

In the northern hemisphere of our planet winter is coming.
sighs the southern hemisphere of the earth by the drought and high temperatures.
Asian Miss Gendhuk Riri has therefore sought refuge on the Parangtritis beach on the island of Java in Indonesia.

Miss Gendhuk Riri (nickname)   Miss Gendhuk Riri (nickname)

There she finds in summer designed fashion the right refreshing dip.
Please let us know ( wajahasia@gmail.com) if you want to meet her.

Managing Director

Miss Setia Ningsyh

Do you know that Bandar Lampung city is the capital and economic hub of Lampung province, Sumatra Island of Indonesia ? Hmmmm I didn’t until I met Miss Nining Setyaningsih. In her daily life this single lady is a photomodel. And in her free time she sings like the jungle births of Sumatra Island. In her young age, she already posed for many professional and amateur Sumatra photographers.
Now “WajahAsia” presents a small collection in her own WajahAsia Gallery.

Miss Setia Ningsyh   Miss Setia Ningsyh

Full Name / Nama: Nining Setyaningsih
Place & date of birth / Tempat & tanggal lahir:: Jakarta, 27 Januari 1988
Marital status: single / Status perkawinan : lajang
Education: Bachelor / Pendidikan Sarjana
The main work: Photo model / Pekerjaan utama : models
Hobby: singging / hobi singing. Weight: 48 kg  / Berat 48 kg.
Body size: 165 cm / Panjang tubuh: 165. Chest: 38 cm / Dada: 38
Mobile phone / Ponsel:08974178556 Email: setyaadzah@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/setya.ningsih.5811 FaceBook name: Setia Tya

Surabaya Miss Youcke Mandasari

Surabaya Miss Malde emailed me inTagged”: Can I be photo model?
Never have I seen her, and now I was in the Netherlands.
By the internet I arranged a photo shoot with her and fashion designer / photographer Mrs Pophie
The Mangrove Surabaya was chosen as the place/location for her very first photo shoot.
See the results of her 1st photo shoot here.

Surabaya Miss Youcke Mandasari   Surabaya Miss Youcke Mandasari

Full name: Miss Youcke Mandasari, call me just Manda.
Body size: Height 157 cm, Weight 60 kg

Place & date of birth: Surabaya, 12 august 1987
Tagged address: http://www.tagged.com/profile.html?uid=5433309836
Tagged name: Manda Imutz, 23 Surabaya, Indonesia
Phone: 081938600690. Email: uk.mandasari@gmail.com
Education: Naval Architect. Mainjob: customer service at forwarding company

Miss Asinnana Allidaraf in black&white

Miss Asiana Allidaraf's an Indonesian lady born on Jawa island.
With much courage and charm she posed on an island that only can
be reached by
fishing boats at low tide.
Waiting for the sunset we did our photo shoot.
We present her provocative photographs in a black and white print.

Miss Asinnana Allidaraf in black&white   Miss Asinnana Allidaraf in black&white

Managing Director

Mrs Pophie and her Madura team

Five ladies on the road. Brrrr driving at the left side. Oh my goodness gracious greatballs of fire. Is that usual ? Hahaha yes it is because Mrs. Shanti, Mrs. Oelpha, Mrs. Rani, Mrs. Suti and photographer Mrs Pophie have some days holiday. Dressed in the new WajahAsia Lady Shirt, they all move from Soerabaja to uncle Dharta 's home. In Indonesia it means left-side traffic

Mrs Pophie and her Madura team   Mrs Pophie and her Madura team

It's in Madura (Indonesia) They passed the big famous Suramadu bridge and later they went to the old Kenjeran beach too. And in the meantime really they have a lot of fun hmmmmm. Five ladies on the road

Contact information
Name: Mrs Pophie Wulandari
Facebook name :
Pophie Phiebhatique
Facebook address:
Phone: +6281232066331

In WajahAsia Shirt Miss Thao Phuong from Saigon / Ho Chi Minh

During my stay in Saigon / Ho Chi Minh City, I met Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao. We already knew each other through the Internet. Now I stayed in Saigon / Ho Chi Minh city I called her for a photo shoot. Maybe she'd like that.
Together with her friend she could find "Hotel Quang Minh".
After shooting some photos of the hotel laundry we visited the Le Lai park in Saigon.
Enjoy this gallery and have funMs. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao did a great job.

In New WajahAsia Shirt Miss Thao Phuong from Saigon / Ho Chi Minh   In New WajahAsia Shirt Miss Thao Phuong from Saigon / Ho Chi Minh   In New WajahAsia Shirt Miss Thao Phuong from Saigon / Ho Chi Minh

More info: Miss Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao
Place date of birth: Ho Chi Minh city, april 1981
Facebookname: Thao Phuong
facebook address:

FaceBook name: Thao Small
FaceBook address: https://www.facebook.com/nguyen.phuongthaosmall 
WajahAsia: Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao
Phone (+84)0908825213

Bangok 18 January 2014 & Srinakarintharawiroth University

During my daily "Road Photography" activity I meet nice and fun people like in this photo series. Students relaxing and getting education in learning various dances for a great and important University event.

Managing Director

Sidoarjo Indonesia 2 – 5 january 2014 WajahAsia Event

The wajahasia event program in Sidoarjo was:
a) Presentation "Road Photography".
b) Road Photography in practice
c) Models present / showing WajahAsia ladies shirt and fashion
d) Models photo shoot "on the spot"

Sidoarjo Indonesia 2 – 5 january 2014 WajahAsia Event   Sidoarjo Indonesia 2 – 5 january 2014 WajahAsia Event

Managing Director

Madura photoshoot december 2013

Due to the WajahAsia event in Sidoarjo city, Indonesia, we had to do a photo shoot
The locations for the shoot which had been devised:

Madura Nepa beach and Waterfall Coban Canggu Pacing.  All in Indonesia
The models are: Mrs Ria Apriana, Miss Kiky Irda,  Miss Citra Ayuna Agustin, Miss Memey
Thanks to: Mrs Pophie and Mr. Sonny for organization and transport

Madura photoshoot december 2013   Madura photoshoot december 2013

Mrs      Pophie, +6281232066331
Mrs      Ria Apriana, +6285746588886 Joenk_euy@yahoo.com
Miss     Citra Ayuna Agustin, +628563001589 atacitra@gmail.com
Miss     Kiky Irda, +6283856007846 irdakingkong@gmail.com
Miss     Memey Roro Mega, 085649541421 /

WajahAsia Magelang 12-01-2012 Taman Kyai Langgeng

We made a fotoshoot in Magelang suddenly we got hard rain so we cancel to shooted in the river. Walking around the city we find the best location and choosed to go to Taman Kyai Langgeng (Biggest Park in Magelang).
Models: Miss Yulfa Christian Lumenta & Miss Rhany N Chazanah
WajahAsia photographers: Miss. Arieza 'Icha' Hidayat, Mr. Yuli Hermawan, Mr. Ismail Abu Fajri, Mr. Tri Pamuji 'Gondrong'

WajahAsia Magelang 12-01-2012 Taman Kyai Langgeng   WajahAsia Magelang 12-01-2012 Taman Kyai Langgeng   WajahAsia Magelang 12-01-2012 Taman Kyai Langgeng

for more pictures:
Miss Yulfa Christian Lumenta
WajahAsia February Lady - 2012 - Yulfa Christian Lumenta

Miss Rhany N Chazanah
WajahAsia August Lady - 2012 - Rhany N Chazanah
is under construction and will be publish in August 2012

The old Hanoi railroad river Long Bien bridge

Models in this shoot:
Miss Nguyen Thu Trang: mail: muaxuangirl@yahoo.com /

Facebook name: Nguyen Thu Trang
Facebook address:

Miss Thuy Thu Do: mail: Ms.dothuthuy@gmail.com
Facebook name: Sarah Do Thu Thuy
Facebook address: https://www.facebook.com/sarah.thuy

The old Hanoi railroad river bridge. Các cầu đường sắt sông Hà Nội   The old Hanoi railroad river bridge. Các cầu đường sắt sông Hà Nội   The old Hanoi railroad river bridge. Các cầu đường sắt sông Hà Nội

Miss Dung Truong: mail: truongdung318@gmail.com
Facebook name:
Dung Truong
Facebook address: https://www.facebook.com/dung.truong.39

Miss Huyen Pandy
: mail: huyenpandy@gmail.com
Facebook name: Huyen Pandy
Facebook address: https://www.facebook.com/huyenpandy

Miss Thanh Thuy/Miss mimi: mail: ctthuy.1010@gmail.com
Facebook name: Mimi Cao (TBoss)
Facebook address:

Bangkok's Photoshoot

Because of the cloudy the light was really perfect for soft pictures because clouds filter hard sunlight. Later in that afternoon there she was. I mean, lady sunshine. This time we planned the photoshoot in The ‘Green Lung’ park of Thailand’s Bangkok.  Four photographers with different digital photo camera’s and three good looking models had a nice job to do. Please enjoy this gallery and you will be very nice surprised.

Miss Kitiporn: email: safeioo_14@hotmail.com  
Date and place of birth;14 May,1991.
Education; At Ramkhamhaeng university.
Hobby; listen to music, see the movie.
Boddy sizes;Height 165 cm.,Weigh 50 kg., chest-waist-hip: 32-27-36 cm..
Not Married and no kids.

Facebook address; https://www.facebook.com/safeioo
Kittiporn Sunsri
Main job; study. Place of living; Near Bangyai, nontaburi 11140

Bangkok's Photoshoot   Bangkok's Photoshoot

Miss Pannipa email: pear_miky194@hotmail.com
Facebook address:
pear_miky194@hotmail.com Facebook name: Pear Pannipa
Date and place of birth: 4 Febuary,1991  Bangkok, Thailand.

Education: Studying senior at Faculty Animal Sciences and Agricultural Technology Silpakorn University. Hobby: Read the book, play internet Boddy sizes: Height 160 cm., Weigh 48 kg., Breast-Waist-hip: 32-27-30 cm.. Not married and no kids. Tagged name: Pear Pannipa.
Main job: Study.
Living: Bangphat area Bangkok

Miss Siriporn, Nickname Sandy: email: jd.ns1e@gmail.com Age: 21,

Date and place of birth  02/12/1990 in Bangkok.
Education .At  Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University.
Hobby: listen music..play internet, study, reading.

Facebook address.
Main job. Freelance and business. Living: Bangkok

Miss Ray Naka, email address:
Facebook: Sasithron Ray
Mr. Nui Suparat, email address: thekiller669@hotmail.com
Facebook: Nui Suparat DarkEdition
Mr. Saharat Boonthanantapong, email address: neung_momotaro@hotmail.com
Facebook address: https://www.facebook.com/saharat.boonthanantapong?ref=ts&fref=ts
Mr. Poom Wattanarporn, email address: sniperisyourlife@hotmail.com
Poomm Wattanarporn
WajahAsia roadphotographer, email address: wajahasia@gmail.com
Wajah Asia  -  Wajah Asia (WajahAsia)

Miss Tu Nguyen Hue Vietnam

It’s 7 july 2012. By motorbike assistant Miss Tu Nguyen and I went to the  hills near Hue city in Vietnam. We wanna do a simple photo shoot and Miss Tu wanna be an one hour photomodel hahaha. On our way to the hill we see fun scenes and interesting ruins.
It has to do with the Asian style, culture and lifestyle and ofcourse th enice climate because again it’s a nice brand new day.
Before we start the photo shoot, we stopped several times to take pictures of the surrounding area.

Miss Tu Nguyen Hue Vietnam   Miss Tu Nguyen Hue Vietnam

Woudenberg 7 december 2013 snowtime

After I had opened my eyes this morning and stretched my body, I couldn’t  believe it. Really, there was a snow of 15 cm. So, I hurried through the morning ritual of showering, brushing teeth, combing hair and breakfast. Dressed in winter clothing I started my road photographers job. This morning colors were faded and it was snowing, so the results:  black and white photos in color.  I'm for sure you will enjoy so enter this gallry.

Road Photographer

Woudenberg 7 december snowtime   Woudenberg 7 december snowtime

Photo model Miss Nhok Kute (Lê Hòa).
Hồ Chí Minh,Việt Nam, Hậu Nhok Kute
(Lê Hoa)

Coincidentally, I met this Ho Chi Minh City Lady Miss Nhok Kute (Hoa) on a social website. Hahaha in July 2012, I was 10 days in Saigon. But she was nowhere to be seen. Now I know because she’s a hard working lady in the fish business so, hahaha no shopping time. Enter this gallery and see her beautiful photos. Still she has asked me to come over for a very special photo shoot.

Ho Chí Minh, Vietnam, Miss Nhok Kute (Lê Hòa). Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam, Hậu Nhok Kute (Lê Hoa)   Ho Chí Minh, Vietnam, Miss Nhok Kute (Lê Hòa). Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam, Hậu Nhok Kute (Lê Hoa)

Full name: Miss le Thi Hoa
Date and place of birth: 07/01/1990, Thanh Hoa, VietNam
Education:university of economic and law

Hobby: listen to music, read novel, play tennis.
Main job:
assistant director
Place of living;
dien bien phu street 15 ward, Ho Chi Minh city, VietNam
Civil status: Single

Email: hoak08403@gmail.com
Facebook address; https://www.facebook.com/hoak08403
Nhok Kute (Lê Hòa)

Photo model Miss Gillis Amalia

WajahAsia present you Ms. Gillis Amalia,
Place and date of bith: Jakarta September 4th 1988

After her study Literature of English at the University of Darma Persada she started working. These days she’s a hard working young marketing lady in Rush Dive/GoDive Center. Oh my goodness she is so active. Even she isn’t single and has a beautiful babe she knows to find time for hobbies. Since her birth she has already attention and pleasure for writing, adventure, traveling, singing, dancing, reading and…….she likes Blues, Reaggae and Jazz music as well.

Miss Gillis Amalia   Miss Gillis Amalia

Contact info:
By Pass Sanur street number 462,
Coming from: Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Indonesia

FaceBook address: https://www.facebook.com/GillisAmalia
Facebook name:Gillis Amalia,

Tagged address: http://www.tagged.com/profile.html?uid=5391475102
Tagged name: Gillis Amalia
Email: gillisamalia@rocketmail.com, cewek_chondetz@yahoo.com
Phone: +62811-5841-852

Enter and enjoy her nice photo gallery

Road Photographer

Photo model Miss Angelica Damm,
Jakarta Indonesia

Name: Angelica Damm. Date and Place of birth: 12-01-1991 Pontianak
Address: Jalan Nias Pegangsaan. Appartment: Ivory Tower Emerald
As a freelance model she works by

Status: Single. Religion: Christian Protestant. Hobby: photos of hunting, traveling
Shoe size: 38/39. Dress size: Small Pants size: 27. Height / weight: 167/45
Phone number: 087775952007. Email address: angelica.damm@ymail.com

Miss  Angelica Damm, Jakarta Indonesia Miss  Angelica Damm, Jakarta Indonesia

1e facebook name is:
Angelica Damm
With facebook address:
2e facebook name is
Angelica Damm (Kumang) 
With Facebook address: http://www.facebook.com/angelica.damm.5

Photographers like: Eka Tooleh, Arya Spikee, Ngurah Asmara, Angelica Damm, Jack Made Dana, Andy Lakimen, Gusti Superdana, Faith Footwear Bali, Granat Singa Warak, Ngurah Gde Parwata

Photo model Miss Indaah Ambarawati

Born October 22, 1995 in Denpasar (Bali, Indonesia), this young lady has really a powerfull energy. Oh her ​​name? Miss Putu Indaah Ambarawati.

She posed already for famous photographers such as:
Mank Gembul https://www.facebook.com/mank.Gigolo
Paristha Ituw Jumpai https://www.facebook.com/paristha.ituwjumpai
Harry Ketut Hendrawan https://www.facebook.com/harry.fatmike
Iyo Bug's https://www.facebook.com/iyo.bugs.7
Dwi Kresnantaka https://www.facebook.com/kresnantaka
Made Anom https://www.facebook.com/anom.tabboy
IW Photograph https://www.facebook.com/ichwan.penghona
During photo huntings, dozens of photographers jostled to capture her in millions pixels.

Miss Indaah Ambarawati    Miss Indaah Ambarawati

Personal information:
Facebook name: Indaah Ambarawati
Facebook address: https://www.facebook.com/putuindaah.ambarawati
email address: indaahambarawati@yahoo.co.id
phone no: 083114281980
High: 156 cm. Weight 40. Skin: white. Education: vocational school (SMK)
Hobbies: hunting
You can contact her for casual and fashion photo-shoots

Photo model Miss Bibie Julius,Yogyakarta - 06 - 06 2013,
Photographer Mr. Abdul Aalam

IT System Administrator Mr. Abdul Salam is in the weekend Photographer.
Several times Miss Bibie Julius posed for his camera and it really looks as a professional good team. More information?
Email: abdulsalam@gmail.com and

Yogyakarta, 06 June 2013, Miss Bibie Julius by Photographer Mr. Abdul Aalam   Yogyakarta, 06 June 2013, Miss Bibie Julius by Photographer Mr. Abdul Aalam   Yogyakarta, 06 June 2013, Miss Bibie Julius by Photographer Mr. Abdul Aalam

Miss Bibie Julius is a hot, sexy, smart long black hairy talented DJ lady and Model. Many times she shows her professional posing in famous Indonesian magazins. Read more about her in http://www.facebook.com/julie.bhebi

Enjoy her photogalery it will surprise you nicely
Managing Director
Road Photographer

Photo model Miss Zyne Yimjaidee

Photographer mr.  Nui Suparat DarkEdition (Bangkok city, Thailand) is really a lucky and active photographer. Many times he has good acting and good looking models in his team.
Contact info.: Mr.
Nui Suparat DarkEdition Location: Bangkae, Bangkok 10160
Connection: ช่างภาพอิสระ E-mail address: thekiller669@hotmail.com
Phone: +66 87 012 1217 Website: https://www.facebook.com/nui.suparat

Miss Zyne Yimjaidee    Miss Zyne Yimjaidee
In this gallery he shows Miss Zyne Yimjaidee. She’s from Bangkok city Thailand (Amphoe Bangkok Yai, Samut Prakan) and already known in her Thailand country. Open her gallery and you will be pleasantly surprised about her professional posing.
Contact: FaceBook Name: ISzyne Yimjaidee (Klongszyne)
FaceBook address; https://www.facebook.com/KLONGSZYNE.Y?ref=ts&fref=ts
connections :

ช่วง midyear นี้ มีโปรโมชั่น ...
ISzyne Yimjaidee FitFlop Thailand ...
ช่วง midyear นี้ มีโปรโมชั่นอะไร ...
D-Closet | Facebook

DC2-11 / 990-
กางเกงแบบ ALEXANDER McQueen ผ้ายืด ... ISzyne Yimjaidee
FitFlop Thailand - ไทม์ไลน์ | Facebook

ISzyne Yimjaidee ...
คู่ 1 · 3 ชั่วโมงที่แล้ว

Photo model Miss Mminy Mint

Again is mr.  Nui Suparat DarkEdition (Bangkok city, Thailand) a real lucky photographer. This time he works together with Bangkok miss MminyMint.
Contact info.: Mr.
Nui Suparat DarkEdition Location: Bangkae, Bangkok 10160
Connection: ช่างภาพอิสระ E-mail address: thekiller669@hotmail.com
Phone: +66 87 012 1217 Website: https://www.facebook.com/nui.suparat

Miss Mminy Mint   Miss Mminy Mint

Miss Mminy Mint is also a young talented Bangkok city Thailand photomodel. That lady work really fast so, the hard disque in mr. Nui Suparat DarkEdition’s digital camera was almost over heated.
In fact Miss Mminy Mint is an editor by
Atime Media @ Gmm Grammy.
So it’s my pleasure to invite you to enter her gallery in WajahAsia.
More information:

Her FaceBook address is https://www.facebook.com/smile.mminymint
And her faceBook name:  Smile MminyMint (MoraKin MiKu)

Photo model Miss Ayuk.
Photographer Mr. Yudi Widiantara

Photographer info:
Name: Yudi Widiantara
Date of birth: ,15 0ktober 1993
Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia - Karangasem,
Education: multimedia graphic design
Hobby: photography, and video
Email: yudixancq@gmail.com 


Photo model Miss Ayuk by Photographer Mr. Yudi Widiantara  Photo model Miss Ayuk by Photographer Mr. Yudi Widiantara

Photomodel: Miss Ayuk
Info = under construction

Beach Shoot 23 Oct 2011 WajahAsia

The Glagah Beach is located in Kulonprogo and is an ideal place for those who love fishing for there are plenty of fishing pools in the place. There are also camping zones on the beach. The beach is 40 kilometers southwest of Yogyakarta.

Beach Shoot 23 Oct 2011 WajahAsia   Beach Shoot 23 Oct 2011 WajahAsia   Beach Shoot 23 Oct 2011 WajahAsia

The Glagah Beach marks the end of the Serang River where it empties into the South Sea. There are lush green fields lined with coconut trees running along the side of the beach. You can camp on these fields or spend some relaxed moments while you enjoy the beauty of the place.

WajahAsia Beachshoot - 23-10-2011 Yuli Hermawan

This photohunting "Glagah Beach shoot" was organized by WajahAsia representative Yogyakarta / Jawa Tengah Secretary Miss Fetty Indaryati.  Photomodels: Miss Rani and Miss Ambar. Car: Ismail. Photographers: Arnold, Yuli, Ismail, Junko, Tri Gondrong, Atik, Bert. Food/drink supply: Ibu Nanik catering.

WajahAsia Beachshoot - Yuli Hermawan   WajahAsia Beachshoot - Yuli Hermawan






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